When California Meets Texas

When you know someone for the majority of your life, growing up skateboarding, playing soccer, and going to the same college a certain type of bond and friendship is created. To go through life and see the changes in someone from childhood to college to adulthood is something that I have had the pleasure of sharing with my good friend Andrew.

Just about a year ago I got the word that he was going to pop the big question and I couldn't have been more excited for him. About 9 or so months later I got the big question of having the pleasure of shooting his big day for him. I told him I needed some time to think about it.... and I only needed about 1 second before I told him I was in!

Andrew and Michelle are a perfect couple! They definitely are meant to be together. I remember the first time I met Michelle, Andrew and myself where shooting an event together in LA and she happened to be on the trip with him. Seeing them interact and talking with the 2 of them I immediately saw the connection, not to mention when she just started busting out random dance moves to the music and was getting down like Andrew would and right then and there I knew she was the one for him.

Their wedding was the perfect blend of Andrews California style and Michelle's down south Texas charm at this very nice small winery located in Bryon California. Andrew and the grooms men where fitted in Vans shoes and some nice denim while all the bridesmaids came rocking their cowgirl boots. It was an amazing day for the 2 families becoming one. The connection and blend of Andrew and Michelle extended out to both of their families. From the rehersal to the big day it looked and felt they had all been family for years.

Thanks you again Andrew and Michelle for letting me capture your big!

Newport Beach Wedding: Mike and Gina

Over the last few years Mike and Gina have become part of my ohana, and ohana mean Family. They had been together years before I had met the 2 of them but having them become part of my life was a true blessing for myself and for my son as they are 2 of his God Parents. This was another wedding that meant a lot to me to be a part of.

They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Newport Dunes with the gazebo over looking the lagoon, a nice breezy, and cool California Coast where they said "I DO". The reception took place at the Turnip Rose located in Costa Mesa. Their portrait session was beautiful in the court yard of the venue. It was absolutely perfect day for a Wedding.

Thank you Mike and Gina for allowing me to capture this momentous day for the 2 of you and thank you for being an awesome addition to my ohana!