Maternity Session with Marcella

I met Marcella a little over 4 years again as we worked together for a short time. In that short time we had discovered that we both knew a certain someone. That certain someone being her husband Jason. Jason and I have know each other for about 8 or 9 years now. We played volleyball in college together and stay friends throughout the years. Jason had suggested we shoot at this beautiful park in Cerritos and we all couldn't have been happier. Come to find out that Jason had spent a lot of time at this park as a child. It was awesome to hear stories of childhood memories and that the location had sentimental value for them. Thank you Marcella and Jason for letting me capture this special day for the 3 of you! Can't wait to meet the little one!

The Hunt for Easter Eggs

Just a day after their wedding good friends Mike and Gina hosted which I think might be the first of  many Easter gatherings with a big Easter Egg hunt that took place in their court. There must have been well over 100 eggs for about 12 kids to find spread across 5 different fronts yards. Their neighbors were cool enough to let them spread the eggs all over. Needless to say I had to pull the camera out to capture some shots of Xander on his hunt!