Downtown Long Beach Engagement | Ericka & Jeff

I met Jeff a little over 10 years ago in college and over the past 10 years we have always managed to stay in touch with one another. Even though time between run ins could go for months we always found a way to catch up on life with one another. When I got the message about his proposal to fiance Ericka and how they wanted me to be their photographer I was excited and happy but most of all honored.

Their engagement session took place in Long Beach not to far from where they live. They had expressed to me they wanted to do something a little different and I immediately got excited! After a couple drinks to celebrate their engagement we took a nice stroll through Downtown Long Beach. What I loved about their session is the magical moments I captured without having to give them any direction. Some my favorite shots where candid shots of them just enjoying each others company.


A Los Angeles Afternoon Engagement

Sometimes things don't go as planned and when they don't go as planned they turn into something ever better! Christa and Greg's engagement session was nothing short of amazing. The weather was perfect, they looked amazing, and I couldn't have been more excited to shoot with them. Coming into the shoot they where both nervous, those nerves soon went away, and by the end of the shoot we were all laughing and having a great time.

While we explored what the arboretum had to offer I kept catching them in these genuine moments of love when I would turn to them to show them something and they were perfectly "posed". I would just start shooting away without them knowing and came out with some amazing photos of the two of them. This afternoon they made my job easy and they made me fall more in love with my job by being able to give them images they will cherish forever.

Happy 1st Birthday Aleiah Rei

I can not get over how adorable Aleiah was for her 1st Birthday Session! I have so much fun capturing 1st birthday session. To see the joy and happiness that parents get during each session is priceless. Being able to deliver images that they will have forever to remember their child's first year in the beautiful world gives me such an amazing feeling. Thank you Alfred and Denise for letting me be a part of this special moment with you guys.

Chic UCI Engagement Session

As Klint and Yessy strolled through the University of Irvine campus there was nothing but pure joy and love on their faces. During their college years Klint spent much time here as UCI was Yessy Alma Mater. As we shot I felt as if I was walking down memory lane with them as they shared stories and memories of their colleges days. They knew that having their Engagement Session here would bring out the love they had for one another because this is where it all started. The campus had lots to offer us from amazing greenery to modern architecture, which all fit well with their chic look. They did an amazing job during the shoot and I couldn't wait to get started working on their images to deliver to them.

Maternity Session with Joy

My most recent maternity shoot with friends Joy and Delvin was nothing short of amazing! We made out way out to Laguna Beach to a nice secluded beach where we would not be bothered by beach goers. The weather was perfect, no wind, and an amazing sunset. As you look through the gallery you might wonder why little Des lost his shirt half way through the shoot, well lets just say he thought he was too sexy for it or that he had a small accident and a wave caught him. Non the less I had an amazing time capturing Joy as she looked great in her black dress with the sun setting behind her. Hope you all enjoy!

Maternity Session with Marcella

I met Marcella a little over 4 years again as we worked together for a short time. In that short time we had discovered that we both knew a certain someone. That certain someone being her husband Jason. Jason and I have know each other for about 8 or 9 years now. We played volleyball in college together and stay friends throughout the years. Jason had suggested we shoot at this beautiful park in Cerritos and we all couldn't have been happier. Come to find out that Jason had spent a lot of time at this park as a child. It was awesome to hear stories of childhood memories and that the location had sentimental value for them. Thank you Marcella and Jason for letting me capture this special day for the 3 of you! Can't wait to meet the little one!

Maternity Session with Adriana

Recently had the pleasure of shooting a long time friend of mines maternity portraits for her and her husband. What makes this session more special is I also shot their engagement and wedding photos. We got some beautiful shots in Newport Beach as the sun was setting. Can not wait to shoot the new born photos and meet little man!

When California Meets Texas

When you know someone for the majority of your life, growing up skateboarding, playing soccer, and going to the same college a certain type of bond and friendship is created. To go through life and see the changes in someone from childhood to college to adulthood is something that I have had the pleasure of sharing with my good friend Andrew.

Just about a year ago I got the word that he was going to pop the big question and I couldn't have been more excited for him. About 9 or so months later I got the big question of having the pleasure of shooting his big day for him. I told him I needed some time to think about it.... and I only needed about 1 second before I told him I was in!

Andrew and Michelle are a perfect couple! They definitely are meant to be together. I remember the first time I met Michelle, Andrew and myself where shooting an event together in LA and she happened to be on the trip with him. Seeing them interact and talking with the 2 of them I immediately saw the connection, not to mention when she just started busting out random dance moves to the music and was getting down like Andrew would and right then and there I knew she was the one for him.

Their wedding was the perfect blend of Andrews California style and Michelle's down south Texas charm at this very nice small winery located in Bryon California. Andrew and the grooms men where fitted in Vans shoes and some nice denim while all the bridesmaids came rocking their cowgirl boots. It was an amazing day for the 2 families becoming one. The connection and blend of Andrew and Michelle extended out to both of their families. From the rehersal to the big day it looked and felt they had all been family for years.

Thanks you again Andrew and Michelle for letting me capture your big!

Newport Beach Wedding: Mike and Gina

Over the last few years Mike and Gina have become part of my ohana, and ohana mean Family. They had been together years before I had met the 2 of them but having them become part of my life was a true blessing for myself and for my son as they are 2 of his God Parents. This was another wedding that meant a lot to me to be a part of.

They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Newport Dunes with the gazebo over looking the lagoon, a nice breezy, and cool California Coast where they said "I DO". The reception took place at the Turnip Rose located in Costa Mesa. Their portrait session was beautiful in the court yard of the venue. It was absolutely perfect day for a Wedding.

Thank you Mike and Gina for allowing me to capture this momentous day for the 2 of you and thank you for being an awesome addition to my ohana!


Behind The Scenes: Shawn and Stevie's Engagment Session

I recently had the opportunity to help shoot my cousin, Stevie and finance Shawn, engagement shoot with my partner/good friend Dennis. I am really starting to fall in love with these short Behind The Scenes films that him and I are putting together for our clients. We are able to share the love our clients have for one another in not just still photography but also film! I have watched this video numerous times and I can't help but smile to see how happy and in love my cousin is. I can not wait until their wedding in August because I am very thankful that I am able to work along Dennis on that wedding to help capture the big day for Stevie and Shawn! I hope you enjoy the film!

Photographer: Dennis Roy Coronel
Filmmaker/Editor: Brandon J Ferlin


The Hunt for Easter Eggs

Just a day after their wedding good friends Mike and Gina hosted which I think might be the first of  many Easter gatherings with a big Easter Egg hunt that took place in their court. There must have been well over 100 eggs for about 12 kids to find spread across 5 different fronts yards. Their neighbors were cool enough to let them spread the eggs all over. Needless to say I had to pull the camera out to capture some shots of Xander on his hunt!

Behind The Scenes: Mike & Gina's Engagment Session

This past Saturday the big day for my friends Mike and Gina finally happened. They finally tied the knot after a decade of being together! So couple months back I finally had the chance to shoot their engagement photos. We took a trip to Newport Beach to this little nook of a community called Crystal Cove. It was the perfect setting with the perfect weather for their shoot that day. While we where shooting my talented friend Dennis filmed some behind the scenes of the shoot and this was the result. Thank you Mike and Gina for having me shoot this special day and your wedding day. I can not wait to share those photos with everyone. And Thank you to Dennis for filming their engagement shoot and being an awesome second shoot for the wedding! Enjoy!